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Who We Are

People are an organisation’s greatest asset, Canopy HR is here to help you engage, strengthen and protect that asset; and show you just what great HR can do.
Our Principal, Miranda Crawley, is a tertiary qualified HR professional, with over twenty years’ experience in partnering with diverse high performing organisations.
Her background encompasses organisational psychology, counselling, coaching, dispute resolution, trauma management, IR and ER, as well as risk management and business continuity planning. She has applied her extensive skillset across a variety of organisations, many of which are leaders in their fields, both nationally and internationally, including medical research, occupational health consultancy, finance and elite sporting, as well as cultural and arts organisations within both the public and private sectors.
As a result of her experience, she understands the need for HR professionals to work closely WITH businesses in Intelligent and practical ways in order to build strength and capacity that enables them to deliver – and even exceed – their business goals.
Supported by her like minded and experienced colleagues, she believes that great results are achieved through genuine human connection and business partnership. For her the most effective HR services are those which are delivered smartly, efficiently and which eliminate fear, fluff and frustration.

The canopy hr difference

Our Approach

Our team is here to help you get things DONE, and to deal with the things that are getting in the way of achieving your organisations objectives.It’s easy to assume that HR services should only be engaged when things are broken, or at risk. Whilst it’s certainly true that we can be extremely helpful in that space, we also look at it from a proactive perspective–we’re here to build and future proof your people power, by reducing risk, white noise and distractions, and investing in efficiency, excellence and strategic best practice.

The canopy HR approach focusses on;


With you and your organisation positively and without judgment (there is literally NOTHING we haven’t seen before, and nothing you can’t tell us). We take trust very seriously, and you can rest assured we have your back.

Getting To Grips

With your issues quickly and effectively, presenting you with options and strategies to meet your needs, and engaging with you on YOUR terms to implement them. No problems is too big, or too small for us to get stuck in.


With you and your team in a meaningful way that makes an impactful and lasting difference. We don’t believe in leaving clients or communities high and dry, so a core value to our entire approach is sticking together, through the good and the not-so-good.

Freeing You

From day to day obstacles or concerns (ie interpersonal, structural, strategic or process based) which might be getting in the way of doing the things that only YOU can do. Take a breath, knowing you have a team of experts on your side.


Your HR priorities in the context of the wider business (And not, as so many of our competitors see it, the other way around). This also means understanding that you’re unique. True success comes from understanding your business, your perspective and your priorities.

Being Real

When you engage with Canopy HR, we will be honest, open and give our very best. We will support you through tough times, protect your interests and celebrate your successes. We will be straightforward, practical, responsive; and try not to use annoying jargon whenever we can help it.

Our name

Why The Canopy

Canopy; a protective, nurturing and natural cover, shielding those beneath from volatile and intense conditions, resulting in a functional and balanced ecosystem whereby each element can thrive to its full potential. A canopy provides a source of power by converting harsh energies into a productive climate and filtering them through to nourish the environment beneath.
When naming Canopy Consulting, the concept of a canopy really spoke truths about the way we see effective HR practices. We provide the protective layer to shield the business from ineffective practices while creating a cohesive space in which people can fulfill their potential, producing the right environment for the business to flourish.

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