How Professional Are You In The Everyday? Let’s Reflect

Funny Cartoon*. Serious point.

There’s so much focus on how to make a first impression, manage upwards, land a big presentation, and/or deal with the “exceptional” or the “introductory” in terms of how we present ourselves.

It’s easy to become relaxed about our interactions with our colleagues, especially over time – to take for granted the collegiality built on the basis of seeing and working together day in and day out.

Whilst no-one wants to work with a robot, sometimes this can cause us to undermine our immediate working relationships without realising- especially as we become more comfortable and relaxed over time.

  • When was the last time you actively gave thought to how professionally you present to your peers in the office?
  • How do you balance your professional credibility with your workplace friendships?
  • Could you manage this differently, to improve how you work and the outcomes you deliver?

The true test is, as always, during challenging times, or when there is disagreement.

Workplace relationships built on respect and professionalism are ultimately more durable, robust and resilient- and rewarding, and require conscious nurturing and growth too.

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*Image credit: Scott Metzger Cartoons

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