Festive Stress or Not? Australia vs Austria

Greetings from the beautiful and historic city of Vienna, where I’m lucky to be combining work and leisure.

I spoke recently with a medical colleague – and she said that in the lead up to Christmas, she prescribes far more anti depressants in Australia than she ever did in Europe, because, in her opinion, the latter have such a different approach to the festive season.

I think Vienna must be a case in point- Christmas markets appear from mid November and the air seems to smell like spruce and gluwhein ( and it seems perfectly acceptable to drink said gluwhein from a red ceramic santa boot at 10.00am). There are the most exquisite lighting displays and the atmosphere is festive but so relaxed- a real contrast to the frenetic pace of the Bourke St Mall!!!

There doesn’t seem to be the same build up of pressure and sense of “must-be- done-by-Christmas-or-else” , and everyone is back to work on 28th December.

I feel lucky to be here and see and enjoy the difference!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!!!

PS I may just have to be a tourist and buy one of those awful tacky t-shirts that say “There are no Kangaroos in Austria” !!






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