Workplace Policy : The Ultimate Safety Net For Your Business

Every business in Australia – no matter which industry it operates in – should have well-documented workplace policies in place that help the business to perform at its best and minimise risk.

Strong, clear, contemporary policies are the ultimate risk management safety net, making your life easier, and providing the following benefits to your workplace:

* They set behavioural and performance standards;

* They set rules and guidelines for decision-making so that employees don’t need to continually ask for guidance or instruction;

* They set hierarchy and authority levels for major issue resolution- especially important when dealing swiftly and effectively with crises and/or the unexpected;

* They help you to adopt a consistent and clear response to managing employee issues, demonstrating that employees will be treated fairly and equally, without favouritism or discrimination;

* They provide a robust and legally accepted method of addressing complaints and misunderstandings.

* They help to communicate information to new employees.

* They offer protection from legislative breaches (eg OHS, whistleblower, privacy, EEO)


This content has been derived from an article by Charles Power (2017), which you can find here

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