Imagination: Workplace Superpower or Stressor?


In the competitive and innovation-driven world of work, imagination and creativity can provide a vital point of difference.

There can, however, be some potential pitfalls along the way:


An ability to think of additional ideas can take focus from the actual problem. At times, we just need to be in the moment, with the solution: and not take unnecessary, speculative tangents around other aspects/issues.


Seeing beyond the surface of issues is great for creating beautiful solutions that take multiple factors into account. Often, however, we haven’t been asked for bells and whistles, but a basic, lean solution.

We can also end up over-explaining, instead of focussing on the “need to know”- especially important if time or patience is a factor.


Imagination helps to “see around corners” but, if unchecked, can be problematic: we think of all the worst case scenarios, using valuable energy stressing (or panicking) about things that might never happen.


Like all superpowers, imagination requires discipline in application- to be used where it is most needed, will have most impact- and add most value.









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