Groundedness: The Art Of Standing Strong And Tall In Changeable Times.

When you can’t control what’s going on around you, the ability to create an internal feeling of solidity and calm helps you to stay strong and clear: so that you are ready for the better times that are coming.

Here are some concepts and  “thinking” strategies that can assist you to do that:

1. Surf with, not against the waves.

These big events are impersonal and largely beyond our control. Accepting that they can mess with our best laid plans and working with them- not against them- is essential for sanity.

2. Know that you can get through this

It’s going to take time, but you will. Believe that you can endure and overcome this adversity. Don’t give up.

3. Don’t look too far ahead

Focus on what you are doing right now: one moment, one day, one bite at a time. Identify just ONE step you need to take right now and take it. Then take the next step and the next. Each piece of ground you gain will help you to feel stronger and more secure.

4. Connect and Share.

Even in a time of isolation, we have the technology. Connecting with others, even in the smallest of ways, is a reminder that you are not an island.  It’s ok to be vulnerable. There’s so much collective goodwill out there that can be harnessed to lift yourself and others up. (Check out “The Kindness Pandemic” on social media, which grew to a community of 800,000 (and still growing), literally overnight).

5. Take Care

Anyone who is sleep-deprived, hungry, or emotionally exhausted, will slip into ungrounded  and toxic thoughts and actions. Feed your mind- and body- good things, not just junk.

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