How To Build And Inspire Your Team: Shackleton Style.

Leading your team through challenging times and/or trying workplace conditions?

Here’s a 1919 recruitment advert for explorer Ernest Shackleton’s famed ‘Endurance’ expedition, which unfolded as:

“Sail to Antarctica, get trapped for 12 months in ice pack, leave ship before it sinks, camp on ice for 10 months, walk miles dragging heavy lifeboats (on hardly any food and (leaving half the crew behind), sail for 16 days in icy seas, cross extreme terrain to get help, go back, save everyone (including cat), inspire unwavering loyalty…and earn a place in history as one of the greatest leaders of all time”.

How did Shackleton do it?

He possessed great courage, intelligence and personal charisma, which are always tremendous advantages but there was more to him than that……

A disciplined and clever decision-maker, he inspired calm and confidence; breaking complex problems into smaller, achievable goals.

He recruited a talented team, actively sought their advice and kept them focussed on finding solutions. He cared more for his team and their survival than for personal glory. Their needs drove all his decisions.

He led by example.

He improvised intelligently.

He took calculated risks.

He persevered.

And he always managed expectations.

For more on Shackleton, explorer, leader, trailblazer and all round fascinating figure:

For less extreme office-based strategies to inspire your team, here’s a great article from Forbes:

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