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We believe in sharing knowledge and learning from our community. As a direct result, we have made some key resources available for members of the Canopy HR community to learn from, share, and put to good use with their teams, leaders, and themselves.


Onboarding Checklist & Fact Sheet

Great employee experience starts with comprehensive and value driven onboarding. Our team have compiled an all inclusive onboarding checklist to guide your onboarding process, and an insightful fact sheet to learn about the importance of starting off on the right foot.

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Canopy HR Take Home Guide

Clarity is everything- We want to be clear about we can offer to you and your business. We’ve put together a brochure that explains what we can deliver to solve your people problems and help your business thrive. To access this document please click below.


Recipe For A Resume

We understand how stressful it can be when creating a new resume. Our team has condensed our years of experience with resume writing and candidate support into an easy to follow recipe, guaranteed to take the stress out of starting a new adventure.

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What Can HR Do For You?

We’re proud of our practical, down to earth approach. It’s what makes us so good at getting results. For more information on the key pillars to effective HR, Canopy-style, check out this one page guide we’ve created to make it easier to understand, and easier to explain.

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Canopy HR Onboarding Kit

Take the stress out of onboarding with our Canopy HR employee onboarding kit. Designed by our expert team, this kit includes a comprehensive checklist to risk-proof your employee experience.

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