The Power Of Culture Vs Strategy; A Closer Look

Is team culture helping or hindering your business right now?

Culture matters-if you aren’t managing it, it’s managing YOU- and making your job harder.

You’ve probably heard Peter Drucker’s quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

But when it comes to which one gets more attention from leaders it’s usually strategy; perhaps because it seems more tangible or easier to manage.

If you’ve felt like your team isn’t “gelling”, there’s a lack of trust or it’s hard to get things done, odds are there’s some blaming happening.

Blame is an accountability killer (read that again).

It’s easy to blur the difference between accountability and blame in the ways we work and manage.

This creates big challenges for teams: in the efficiency and quality of their work and their ability and confidence to innovate and deal with change.

The Corona-driven need to work from home is a real-life case study in accountability.

It’s likely to normalise and-grow-the appetite for continuing work from home arrangements, even after this crisis has resolved.

This diagram shows why an accountability culture is so good for business: it gets great results, it’s empowering-and being at work just FEELS so much better.

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